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Overhead Crane Re-Rating

When It's Time to Update Older Systems, Munck Cranes Can Help

In many cases, older overhead cranes have been structurally overbuilt and can last for well over 40 years. When it is time to update these older systems, the team at Munck Cranes can assess and apply modern electrical and mechanical technologies, greatly improving the equipment's performance, energy consumption, reliability and lifting capacity.


Many different factors play a part in determining the capacity of an overhead crane system. At Munck Cranes, our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience to calculate the maximum rated capacity of your current system based on our detailed evaluation.

Our Priority: Safety

Our Priority: Safety

Safety is our TOP priority. The team at Munck Cranes will identify any equipment concerns using proven analysis techniques as well as reverse engineering as required to ensure proposed capacity increases are safe and effective.

If you have an upcoming overhead crane re-evaluation or re-rating project in mind, contact the team at Munck Cranes to discuss how we can help make it happen.

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