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Starter’s Guide to Overhead Cranes

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Image of overhead crane guideThe team at Munck Cranes have created our Guide to Overhead Cranes as a simple, approachable and informative way for anyone with limited experience with overhead cranes to quickly and easily learn some of the key terminology and descriptions that are commonly used within the material handling industry.

Our Guide to Overhead Cranes contains details on many of the commonly used equipment types and associated terminology, including:

  • What is a Gantry Crane?
  • What is exactly is material handling?
  • What is a bridge crane?
  • What are the core components of a crane?
  • What types of equipment are most common?
  • What are some examples of basic crane terminology?
  • And much more...

Our Most Downloaded Resource

This free guide will provide a simple and effective way for our customers to better understand and share their requirements as they understand them, and to provide a way to more effectively start the conversation with the team at Munck so we can get to work on getting you set up with the right material handling solution for you. The guide also contains a simple checklist to allow new customers to easily gather the information required for a quote or needs assessment.

The Guide to Overhead Cranes is our most requested and downloaded resource, and even experienced team members here at Munck will reference this document as a source for valuable information. We are very proud to have helped so many companies over the years and we believe our Guide to Overhead Cranes is the first step in finding the right material handling solution for you.

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