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Our Team Will Help You Develop the Perfect Lifting Systems for Your Specialized Requirements

We are an internationally recognized manufacturer of overhead cranes in North America and our dedicated team will help you find or create the exact lifting systems for your specialized needs. Whether you require a standard kit crane, need modifying of a piece of existing equipment, or need existing equipment sourced or an entirely custom engineered solution, Munck Cranes will be with you throughout the process and ensure a complete solution suited to your material handling needs.

Munck overhead cranes are available in Top Running Single and Double Girder configurations, and Under Running Single and Double girder configurations. We will provide you with a standard, modified or custom engineered equipment, designed to suit your unique material handling needs.

Your Munck Crane solution, combined with a complete runway system, will be engineered to handle your requirements with safety, efficiency and reliability.

Our customers value our versatility, convenience and stability and often trust us as the single source for their materials handling equipment needs.

In addition to understanding your needs and recommending an overhead bridge crane solution; our specialists can:

  • assist you with updating and outdated existing crane

  • build a new runway system or extend a current runway

  • analyze your current process with recommendations to help make it more efficient and effective

It is our passion to design, build, and inspect equipment that will be a safe, effective and reliable solution for your business for years to come.

Munck Cranes engineer and manufacture all types of overhead bridge crane configurations including (but not limited to) a Double girder crane or Single girder crane that can be installed as either a Top Running or Under Running solution. Munck can also recommend or customize a free-standing bridge crane if that better suits the needs of your application.

Double and Single Girder Cranes

Top Running Single Girder
Top Running Single Girder
Top Running Double Girder
Top Running Double Girder
Under Running Single Girder
Under Running Single Girder

All Munck Double and Single girder cranes are meticulously designed to meet and exceed CMAA (crane Manufacturer's Association of America) specifications. Our manufacturing team builds the girders for all our cranes with either a fabricated box design or a beam section, dependent on individual need or specification. We design each component for our cranes to meet and exceed the specifics of the intended application, ensuring that all of the components will be able to perform as designed in light use, heavy duty applications or even in hot metals an explosion proof environments safely and effectively for year to come.

Today's markets demand top quality, compact design lifting solutions for any number of applications and challenges, and that these solutions remain viable for year to come. At Munck Cranes we are consistently looking ahead by ensuring all of our drive motors for both crane travel and hoisting are precisely engineered for the intended duty. We take extra consideration in having all of our drive motor achieve a smooth start up and stop to reduce wear and future maintenance.

Munck Cranes take great pride that many of our customers have stated the equipment we have provided is virtually 'maintenance free', requiring a minimal amount of service. It doesn't matter if you have a 2 ton bridge crane or a 20 ton overhead crane; all of our Munck equipment is built to perform now and for years to come.

When service is required, Munck will already have invested special attention to ensuring the equipment is setup for ease of access. This involves the positioning and mounting of components including but not limited to walkways, service platforms, electrical panels, motors, wiring, etc. This facilitates simple access for when service, inspections, or preventative maintenance is needed and reduces interruption in production.

Before You Invest in Material Handling Equipment, Talk to Munck Cranes!

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