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Wireless Radio Remote-Control Systems for Overhead Cranes

Munck Cranes is the Leading Supplier of Radio Remote Control Systems for Overhead Cranes and Material Handling Equipment

Many companies are familiar with using pendant controls to operate lifting equipment, where the control cables are wired directly into the equipment. Remote control systems function in an identical way; however, it uses a radio frequency for complete wireless control. Our industrial radio systems ae made up of both a handheld remote-control transmitter and a remote-control receiver which mounts directly to your material handling equipment.

For lifting and transporting heavy loads, safety is a primary concern. The Munck line of industrial remote controls comes standard with many built in features to improve safety and they have a large range of mobility compared to other radios and pendant stations. Keep your operators safe by allowing them to operate cranes and material handling equipment from a safe distance.

Wall or column mounted jib cranes are an elegant, cost effective and reliable material handling solution without a requirement to add additional columns or footings during install. The Munck Cranes team is eager to assist you in selecting or customizing the ideal jib crane solution to align with your application and building requirements.

Tele-Radio Tiger and Panther Systems - Overhead Crane & Material Handling Application Video

Robust Industrial Tele-Radio Systems

The video here helps to showcase some of the many features that make our robust Tele-Radio systems one of the leading products on the market for operating overhead cranes, monorails, hoist, and even multiple pieces of equipment at the same time.

The Panther Crane Remote Control

The Panther Crane Remote Control

The Panther crane remote control is the most adaptable and innovative system that we have offered to date. This system has a line of sight range of up to 1,600 feet and it operates on 2.4 GHz which is a standardized frequency in countries all around the world.

Whether you require a radio with a typical hardware configuration or a system that requires custom programming; the Panther line has the versatility to meet your company’s needs.

Depending on your application the Panther transmitters come in several different models with between 3 and 12 buttons/functions. These transmitters are compact and very robust to suit many industrial environments.

The Panther crane remote is second to none, with digital inputs and options for transistor, analog output cards or relays.

Panther features include but are not limited to:

  • CE, FCC, IC Approval
  • 8+ Systems can operate within the same frequency channel
  • Optional Active relay, Working relay, Start relay & Kill relay
  • Ability to connect 1+ transmitters to a receiver
  • LED battery indicator light
  • Transmitter rated up to IP-67
  • Receiver rated up to IP-66
  • Adjustable functioning range
The Tiger Crane Remote Control

The Tiger Crane Remote Control

The Tiger line of industrial wireless remote control systems is great for use in many rough environments and it is engineered to be used in conjunction with simple or advanced lifting applications.

This system functions at 915MHz, is available in a wide array of configurations, and has the highest radio control safety rating obtainable; PLe and SIL3 IEC 61508 standard.

The Tiger systems can display display feedback on the radios LCD screen or by using the lights that are located beside the radios push buttons to ensure your operators remain aware and informed during operation.

These industrial remote control systems can be programmed with custom settings and special software for advanced applications as required.

Our crane remote controls come with functioning modes that are pre-programmed and can be used with many diverse operator applications.

Tiger features include but are not limited to:

  • CE, FCC, IC Approval
  • CANopen, Modbus/TCP, Profitbus - Fieldbus Communication Systems
  • RFID Tags and Pin Code User Security
  • Ability to safely operate up to 15 receivers with (1) transmitter
  • Available function to create safe distance working zones
  • Rated up to IP-66
  • Receiver rated up to IP-66
  • Complete customization of functions

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