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Overhead Crane Automation

Autonomous Overhead Crane Systems

Completely autonomous overhead crane systems are possible. The experienced professionals at Munck Cranes can upgrade your equipment with ether a PLC or a computer controlled system outfitted directly to your existing overhead crane solution. These modern systems allow your overhead crane systems to safely, accurately and automatically perform repetitive and precise sequences with little or no human interaction.

For warehousing applications, you can utilize automated stacker crane solutions to automatically retrieve pallets or components from predefined locations in a facility, again with little or no human interaction.

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Crane Automation and Rebuilds

Variable Frequency Drives

With the inclusion of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). many options become available for your material handling processes. VFD's can be connected to and integrated with systems that are capable of linking and controlling multiple drives simultaneously. In addition, other procedures can be utilized through the use of additionals control cards.

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