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Munck is Always There for You Throughout the Life of Your Equipment

If your organization does have the ability to manufacture your own bridge girders and install an overhead crane, our team of professionals is there to help ensure you have everything you need to get your materials moving. We have a complete selection of crane components and kits.

Munck Cranes offers a full range of services; from a detailed analysis of your needs and recommending solutions to customizing solutions for a variety of material handling challenges and much more. Munck is also there throughout the life of your equipment, inspecting and maintaining your equipment for safe, reliable use for years to come.

Let us help make sure you have all you need to make your material handling solution the very best it can be, including:

  • A full line of stand-alone hoist solutions available with full electrical panel or without, dependent on your needs.
  • Standard or custom designed and fabricated bridge end trucks. These are available either with gear motors or without, again dependent on our needs. When required, we can also provide end trucks connection plates.
  • Standard or custom designed end trolley, fully equipped with a hoist or without.
  • A selection of complete live axle wheel assemblies in stock for either your bridge or trolley. These axle wheels are available as either single-flanged or double-flanged wheels.
  • Custom designed and manufactured crane bridge and girders. We engineer and fabricate box girders and beam girder to suit you application.
Standard crane hoisting

Our Standard Crane Kits includes the following:

  • Hoist
  • Trolley
  • End trucks
  • Connection plates
  • Travel drive gear motors
  • Control panels for both the Trolley and Hoist
  • Control panel for the control power of the Bridge
  • Control cables, festoon packages
  • Hardware for installing the controls

The Standard Bridge Girder Kit includes all items above except the hoist and trolley options. For a free quote on on your project or if you require a full analysis of your material handling need then please contact the team at Munck.

Before You Invest in Material Handling Equipment, Talk to Munck Cranes!

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