Transfer Carts


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Transfer carts are material handling carts that run on the shop floor level. Transfer carts come in many sizes, styles and capacities designed to suit your operations specific needs. Below are some of the various types;

  • Capacities ranging from 500 lbs to 100+ tonnes
  • Motorized or Push/Pull
  • Cordless battery powered (similar to an electric forklift)
  • Straight direction motion or fully steerable
  • Flat wood decks, steel decks or custom shaped to suit your product
  • Decks with lifting, rotating or indexing fixtures
  • Operated on steel rails embedded in your shop floor or operated directly on your concrete floor using polyurethane wheels (similar to that on a forklift)
  • Controlled from fixed pendant, radio remote or fully automated
  • Twin carts linked together for combined capacity and/or product length
  • Accessories and special features;
    • Safety warning horn
    • Safety strobe lights, marker lights or beacons
    • Safety skirts
    • Rail sweeps
    • Anti-collision detection
    • And many more to suit your specific application requirements

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