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The rails, beams and columns on which the crane operates. The rail, on which th end trucks run, is fastened to the runway beam.

This beam is then supported on columns (Top Running) or from the roof structure (Under Running). The existing building columns can be used or new ones can be supplied with the system. New columns can either be completely Free Standing or Tied Back to the existing building structure for additional lateral support. When designing a runway system that is to use existing building columns, it is important to provide the down shop center to center spacing between them. Conductors supply power to the crane and are mounted on the runway beam.

Munck Cranes Inc. will design and fabricate a crane runway system to specifically meet the needs of your application and environment with economy and safety in mind. Our runway systems are designed and certified by our in-house professional engineer. You may have an existing crane runway system and are thinking of adding another crane or verifying the integrity of the system for an increase in capacity and/or adding bays for and expansion… Munck Cranes Inc. can perform a comprehensive runway system analysis with a detailed report to assist in your facilities planning.

If you have any questions regarding your crane runway system, you can use our Ask an Engineer service or Contact Munck to speak with us directly.

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