Radio Remote Controls


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The radio control operates exactly like the pendant but operates using a radio frequency instead of control cables attached to the crane. The radio control system is comprised of two main components; the radio transmitter, (handheld device) and the radio receiver, (control box attached to crane or hoist). The radio control incorporates numerous safety features and allows the operator a greater range mobility than a pendant station.

Munck/Teleradio System 860 - Powerful and Safe

It is no surprise that MUNCK has partnered with TELE RADIO. For almost five decades, TELE RADIO has been developing radio control systems using state of the art technology with unprecedented safety in mind. Using radio control technology to operate cranes and hoists while eliminating awkward working postures is a matter of course in today’s working environment, particularly as it means fewer workplace injuries and greater freedom of movement.

With the MUNCK/TELE RADIO System 860, we have taken another important step forward in radio control development, especially when it comes to safety and strength. A lot of environments today require equipment that can meet the extremely high standards of safety. For instance, in the overhead crane industry, these standards safeguard the safety of people and production.

The System 860 combines strength and power. It also incorporates safety and reliability, all in one system. MUNCK gives high priority to these factors and today’s market expects nothing less. When it comes to radio control, you can choose the MUNCK/TELE RADIO System 860 with confidence. Safety awareness has been the predominant feature in the system’s development. This has given the system its in-built stop function, the option of individual PIN codes and safety circuit breakers that are monitored by double microprocessors.

When standards are high, choose the right equipment.

When the environment expects the utmost of people and technology, it is vital to make the right choice of radio control equipment. Safety standards are high. This is where the MUNCK/TELE RADIO System 860 is an obvious choice. The 860 gives you powerful and safe control, with many built-in intelligent functions as standard.

Moreover, the system incorporates a number of options that give it such incredible flexibility. By being able to transmit up to 69 different frequencies, several objects can be controlled at the same time without affecting one another. This greatly enhances both safety and efficiency. Another major advantage of the system is that it controls up to 24 functions, not including the safety circuit breakers.

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