Monorail Systems


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Monorails are actually single beam runway systems designed for carrying under-running monorail trolley hoists. Monorails can be simply a straight section of steel beam allowing the trolley hoist to travel from point A to point B or they can be much more complex systems with curves and transfer switches incorporated.

Monorail systems are best utilized when the product to be lifted is required to travel in a pre-determined path, (following the direction of the monorail). Some typical material handling applications best suited for monorail systems are;

  • Paint booths
  • Production assembly lines
  • Storage transfer systems
  • Process applications
  • In-plant delivery systems
  • Service areas such as over pumps etc…
  • Under / over mezzanines

Monorail systems are typically mounted directly to the underside of the existing roof support structure. When other equipment near the roof trusses prevent the monorail from being mounted flush to the underside, such as heating and ventilating systems or water and gas lines, the monorail beam can be supported from the roof structure using drop hangers. Finally, monorail systems can also be suspended from free-standing, self supporting structures such as an A-frame or sometimes referred to as goal posts.

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