AC Variable Freuency Drives

Installation of a VFD allows full variable speed control of any motor. Existing motors can be single speed, 2 speed, squirrel cage, tapered rotor, or wound rotor configuration. VFD’s virtually eliminates wear and tear to the braking system, as the motor is electrically braked by using the regenerative energy of the system, and then only uses the existing brake as a holding device. There is significantly less mechanical wear and tear on the components as the motor is ramped at a user defined rate. It also eliminates rough starting and stopping on your system which in turn reduces the mechanical stresses to your gear boxes and shafts.

The motor will run much cooler as the inrush current experienced with across the line starting is eliminated therefore showing 20 to 30 degrees Celcius lower winding temperatures. Extended speeds available, from 0 to 90 hertz operation which is the normal available range. In hoisting applications, torque limitation can be adapted to act as a load limitation means without the addition of other components, and with or without the use of an encoder.

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