About Munck Cranes Inc.

Since 1924, MUNCK has been a trusted and reliable manufacturer of lifting equipment. Although overhead cranes and hoists have played a key role in plant processes, today’s plant is much more demanding. That is why Munck Cranes Inc. has extended our design skills and years of expertise in providing innovative material handling solutions to specifically meet these demands.

Munck Cranes Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated company and an independent licensee of Munck Cranes AS. We have been manufacturing quality Canadian built material handling equipment out of our Stoney Creek, Ontario since 1983. We currently serve all of North America, as well as parts of South America, Mexico and the Middle East.

Munck Cranes Inc. is much more than a catalogue crane and hoist company. As we solve our customer’s materials process requirements both overhead and directly on the plant floor. A very significant part of our business is devoted to the design and manufacture of “application specific” material handling equipment because we at Munck Cranes Inc. expect to invest our time in understanding your needs before we expect you to invest in our product.

Munck Cranes Inc. is equipped to handle all of your material handling requirements, from standard cranes to highly specialized custom engineered systems. Available in a wide range of capabilities, the Munck line of cranes and lifting equipment will provide versatile and economical solutions for virtually any application. From design to installation, we ensure you get the equipment you need backed by a support network second to none.


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